Is your provider VBAC friendly or VBAC tolerant? Make sure you know the difference!

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​​Midwife Partners in Women's Wellness, LLC

One of Kansas City's only Nurse-Midwife owned, non-interventive, midwifery service invites you to come experience a unique concept of personalized prenatal care in a relaxed, home-like, non-clinical, and intimate environment.​​

  Why Choose a Nurse-Midwife

Nurse-Midwives care for obstetrical and gynecological patients throughout a women's lifetime.  Julie and Kara are dedicated to supporting you throughout this wonderful journey of pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

Our History

Julie and Kara have over 30 years of combined experience in caring for women of all ages.  Together, they have delivered over 2000 babies.  They believe passionately in physiologic birth.

There is a monthly meet and greet at our office on the first Thursday of every month, 11-1.  However, please view our Facebook page before coming, as these dates and times are subject to change.  Anyone interested in our practice is invited!!

​​Contracted with ALL commercial insurance plans and Kancare United Healthcare. Unfortunately we are no longer able to accept Missouri Medicaid plans at this time.  

*Just because we may not be listed does not mean we are not in-network - call if you are unsure.

Julie A. Gorenc, CNM & Kara D. Winkler, CNM

2017 quick stats -   86% non-medicated vaginal birth rate!    88% successful VBAC rate!     5% c/s rate (for maternal/fetal indication)!

"they made our delivery a great experience" - ka

"they provide the most outstanding care I could have wished for" - ac

"thrilled with our labor and delivery as well as prenatal care" - kw

"this is the kind of care all women deserve" - wm

"they never doubted that I could do it" - eg

"excellent pregnancy/birthing experience" - bp

"they love what they do and it really shows" - jm

​"made my first birthing experience everything I could have hoped for" - ah

"this was by far the best labor and delivery experience" - cr

"beyond pleased with the support I received" - bl


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Supportive nursing staff

Labor support
​Supportive back-up physician